Getting your heart pumping while pumping beats – that’s what the Electric Run 5K has been doing across the country this year. If you’re like me and abhor running, even the mere mention of being in a 5K (or any race for that matter) is outrageous and laughable. Yet I almost wish I was participating in Electric Run; it really seems more about music and creativity than about running, winning, or coughing up my lungs after mile 0.3. The new 5K “race,” coming to Philly on July 20th, is a highly interactive experience that incorporates miles of lights and electronic music.

The course will be set up around Fairmount Park (see map above), and will feature different “lands,” all decorated with their own light shows, colors, moods, and various types of EDM music. As the sun sets, the race will begin at 8:45 p.m; runners are provided with “glow kits” to help light up all of Fairmount Park. Runners are also encouraged to dress creatively, wearing as much light and neon as possible. Electric Run ends with an electronic afterparty which will be held at Lit UltraBar. According to their website, the 5K in Philly is almost sold out, but you can find more information about tickets and registration here. Either way, Electric Run will probably be easy to see (and more importantly, hear!) from anywhere around the Fairmount Park area. Below, check out a video about the race.