As it happens, we have some more Dr. Dog-related news for you today. Much as we’re bouncing-off-the-station-walls excited for B-Room, the band’s seventh album that was just announced via Spin Magazine, we’re equally pumped to report that drummer Eric Slick is releasing a limited-edition DVD of his short film / interactive performance Primal Essence.

We had the pleasure of premiering Primal Essence this winter when The Key curated the January lineup of PhilaMOCA’s Tuesday Tune-Out series, and it was impressive stuff. Surrounded by a variety of onstage-instruments, Slick provided a live soundtrack as his onscreen counterpart slipped into a surreal dream sequence that blurred the lines between film and audience. (Check out a recap of the performance via JUMP Magazine here.)

Since its premiere, Primal Essence was performed twice more – once at Brooklyn’s Big Snow Buffalo Lodge in February, and a “retirement performance” at Springhouse Sound in April, which was recorded and filmed. The audio from the latter performance is now streaming on Springhouse Sound’s Bandcamp, where you can also pre-order the DVD, which is available in a limited run of 50 copies. From Springhouse:

The DVD includes two versions of the film, extra bonus videos and comes with a picture hand-drawn just for you by Eric himself!

The DVDs are limited and hand-numbered, and will be shipped to you on September 10th, 2013.

Listen to Primal Essence below, and download it – or pre-order the DVD – here.