At the end of August, indie oddball Mac DeMarco is playing Milkboy Philly, and joining him will be Philly’s own Michael Johnson, better known as Ape School.  As far as lineups go, there couldn’t be a more perfect pair.  Ape School creates experimental psychedelic soundscapes, with Johnson’s quirky lyrics accompanied by anything from electronic drones to soaring harmonies to rough basement rock.  The two one-man-bands will make for a great show.

In addition, Ape School is one of many great acts to play the Brandywine Folk Festival on August 25h.  Why he was chosen for a folk fest, neither I nor Michael Johnson know, but he claims via Ape School’s Facebook that “people’s hippie parents seem to like us” so maybe there’s something to it after all.  Click here for ticket information and check out Ape School’s recent single “Idiot’s Grin, President’s Chin” below.