Last week, we saw the video for The Flaming Lips “Turning Violent,” which was basically the band playing a sparse track to a cultish and glittered-up audience.  In addition to filming that video, the group also filmed a more lively tune, covering Devo’s “Gates of Steel,” a harsher, trippier version of Devo’s snappy electronic-rock original. Though not featured on their latest album, The Terror, the Devo video takes place in the same location as “The Terror,” though this time kaleidoscopic lights are flashing non-stop and the audience feels a lot more energetic, though they remain seated the entire time. It’s unlikely the Philly crowd will stay seated when the Lips’ string of fall shows with Australian psych rockers Tame Impala, brings them to Festival Pier in October. Tickets and info can be found at the XPN concert calendar.