It seems like just yesterday that Philly power trio Purling Hiss released its rager of an full-length, Water on Mars, via Drag City Records. After a couple years of limited-run and lo-fi releases on various indie labels, it was the band’s big and booming introduction to a higher-profile audience. Now we’re getting a teaser, via Richie Records / TestosterTunes’ Twitter, that the Hiss will release its second LP of the year, Paisley Montage, on October 29th via the Philly scuzz-rock boutique label.

First, you’ve got to admire the productivity. (UPDATE: as our buddy Elliott Sharp points out, this is possibly / more likely a reissue of a long out-of-print cassette. Still pretty awesome though.) Second, you’ve got to watch the minute-and-change teaser video that the band posted below and melt your mind with various kaleidoscopic images and bright color-trails. (UPDATE: the video still rules.) The hard-touring band returns home to Philly on October 22nd to open for The Men at Johnny Brenda’s.