Local power punk / hip hop group Mighty Paradocs will open for Akabane Vulgars on Strong Bypass and M.O.T.O. at PhilaMOCA on August 16th.  The DIY outfit formed in 2005 as a hip hop duo before adding a backline of drums, bass and guitar and branching out into the thrashyness of punk.  The band runs in a vein similar to the heaviness of Death Grips with political lyrics and non-stop energy, proclaiming “you either are in love with us or scared of us and our fans.”  But the abrasive rawness of Mighty Paradocs is evidence that they’re one of the most fearless and passionate bands in Philly. Tickets and information for the all-ages show can be found on the Facebook event page.  Watch Mighty Paradocs’ video for “Nada” below.

The Mighty Paradocs “Nada” from Bryan Green on Vimeo.