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Okay, seriously, let’s ease back a bit on this “summer is over” stuff. Labor Day was this past weekend, sure, and for the folks who are still in school (or have young ones in school), you’re no longer on vacation. For everybody else, we have a solid two-and-a-half weeks remaining in the season proper, until the start of autumn. Which is the best time of year anyway. But I digress.

Point being, summer is an enjoyable block of time of time on the calendar, but that’s all it is. A block. It’s fleeting, and Lancaster / York group Younger Me underscore that point in their new music video for “Swimming Pool,” a single they shared a couple weeks back.

An extended montage of footage showing kids at play in a suburban pool, it begins to bend and warp as the footage dissolves and slows down, and is broken up by bursts of sunlight and swatches of color. It’s simultaneously psychedelic and nostalgic, like a fading photograph of memories from decades ago. Even that metaphor is dissolving into the past, since the children we see splashing around in the pool won’t have to worry about the color fading in their photographs, since digital photos don’t fade. Cosmic.

“An avalanche of days fall through the hourglass,” they sing. “Summer days gone in a flash.” But, you know, there are eighteen of them left. Let’s go swimming.

“Swimming Pool” – Younger Me from Brandt Imhoff on Vimeo.

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