Listen to "Cat Mask at Huggie Temple" by Steve Gunn and Cian Nugent (playing Little Berlin on 9/13) - WXPN | Vinyl At Heart
Cian Nugent

Road trips have long been the source of creative inspiration: for Jack Keruoac and On the Road, Peter Fonda / Dennis Hopper and Easy Rider, and now guitarists Cian Nugent and Steve Gunn with their upcoming LP Cat Mask at Huggie Temple.  Joined by drummer John Truscinski, the trio recorded two expansive and exploratory tracks as Desert Heat inspired by a joint tour that crossed continents and oceans.  The title track, now streaming on Soundcloud via distributing label MIE Music, stirs together the drone-y, meditative and wordless storytelling structures of Dublin’s Nugent and Brooklyn’s Gunn, reaching from the blues of the Delta to the ragas of India.  Nugent, Gunn and Philly’s Chris Forsyth and the Solar Motel Band will perform at Little Berlin on Friday, September 13th; more information can be found here.  Listen to “Cat Mask at Huggie Temple” below.

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