Photo by Abi Reimold |

Kurt Vile and former Violators member Robin Robertson (as Sore Eros) will release recently discovered recordings on an EP called Jamaica Plain.  The songs date back to before Vile had his own day in Philly and even before he co-founded the War On Drugs in the early 2000s.  The EP will include three tracks and will be released through Care In the Community Recordings on November 4th.  From the press release:

The EP’s title track takes its name from the Boston town in Massachusetts, where it was recorded, referred to in the 19th century as “the Eden of America.” This unhurried and meandering track, that opens with its simple finger-picked melody on acoustic guitar, is a melancholic evocation of a pastoral idyll that’s enhanced by the solely analog production employed across the whole record.  [But] the track acknowledges its modernity with the harmonious use of electronic instruments, such as the inspired use of drum machine that should really be incongruous, so that by the end, the Korg synth has mutated into a wistful bird song as the sun sets over Jamaica pond.

Catch Kurt Vile at Union Transfer on October 26th (tickets available here) and listen to a sample from another split 9″ Sore Eros and Vile did below.