If you’re not too busy getting caught up in the carefully orchestrated internet hysteria over Arcade Fire’s new single “Reflektor”, here’s an alternative for ya. Last night, around the time the single supposedly “leaked” (because, come on now, nothing really leaks anymore without total intent), I completely missed hearing it before it was taken down, and with good reason. I was working on a David Bowie jigsaw puzzle and bumping Summer Breeze, a great new continuous mix from Tour De Vaap.

That’s the blog helmed by Key intern Michael Kaufman, and this is the latest in its series of annual mixes, pulling together 26 tracks in 91 minutes – some oldies, but mostly new and recent jams. It moves in a sweet flow from sweeping orchestrated songs up front (for the foreseeable future, I will not get tired of hearing San Fermin‘s “Sonsick”), to a beat-oriented middle section (Fort Lean into Haim makes for a pretty tight transition) and some unexpected matchups (60s Sierra Leone palm wine guitarist S.E. Rogie up against Delaware space-jazz electropop duo Mean Lady) that capture the lively but melancholic summer-waning-into-autumn vibe (and in that regard, Young Galaxy‘s “New Summer” makes for an excellent closer).

Download the entire mix via Tour De Vaap here; check out the track listing below. And cool your jets, internet. Arcade Fire’s album will be out soon enough, and you can listen to it as often as you want then.

1. Sonsick – San Fermin
2. Unknown Harmony – The Beach Boys
3. Ride Captain Ride – Blues Image
4. Catamaran – Allah-Las
5. Sunseekers – Coke Weed
6. Act Nice And Gentle – The Black Keys
7. Stay – Brown And Blue
8. If She Wants Me – Belle and Sebastian
9. Black Sand Beach – Yuzo Kayama
10. Virginia Slims – Futurebirds
11. Albatross – Besnard Lakes
12. Untitled – The Morning Clouds
13. California Dames – Sundress
14. Sunsick – Fort Lean
15. Forever – Haim
16. Magnolia – Alberta Cross
17. Impossible Sky – Woods
18. The Same Thing – Cass McCombs
19. Please Go Easy With Me – S.E. Rogie
20. Far Away – Mean Lady
21. Place At The End of The Street – Cotton Jones
22. Bat Lies Tropical – Tape Deck Mountain
23. Saltwater – Beach House
24. Amor Fati – Washed Out
25. The Lonely Surfer – Jack Nitzsche
26. New Summer – Young Galaxy