Camae Defstar is a long-active Philly musician who is one of the lively hiphop punk rebels in The Mighty Paradocs. As a solo artist, her work strikes very different moods: ominous, sometimes unsettling and utterly captivating. She began releasing music under the name Moor Mother Goddess on Soundcloud about a year ago – the Alpha Serpentis EP is a good starting point – and the tracks are tagged things like “space soul” “dark rap” and “ghost funk,” to give you a sense of vibe.

The new music video for “Of Blood” ups the ante; directed by Delio DeMille, it places Defstar in spooky abandoned surroundings – one shot looks like a shuttered school hallway, another looks like an old chapel, another still looks like a decrepit prison cellblock, and it’s quite possible the entire thing is set at Eastern State Penitentary. But even if it isn’t that location, it has that vibe, with Deftar’s mouth moving along to her wild pitch-adjusted / layered-and-staggered vocals and smearing red paint (at least I hope that’s paint, ’cause I’m talking buckets here) along the concrete walls with her bare hands. Heavy stuff, lyrically and visually, but it also draws you in. Watch it below, and catch Moor Mother Goddess at one of her upcoming appearances: September 27th at the Laser Life zine reading at West Philly’s anarchist community center A-Space, or October 26th at the Rockers! showcase at Kung Fu Necktie.

OF BLOOD from D1L0 on Vimeo.