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“Oh Lonely Fortress,” the second song off Philly rockers Buried Beds’ new record, In Spirit, teems with images of both the mystical and the real: sleeping giants, crumbling mountains, swarms of locusts, earthquakes, and trade winds. This duality is a recurring theme throughout In Spirit, which was inspired by both fairy tales and fantastical real-life events.

Yet “Oh Lonely Fortress” isn’t just lyrically visceral; it’s also one of lushest, poppiest tunes the band—who started off writing more melancholy numbers with 2005’s Empty Rooms—has ever released. The mix begins simply, with syncopated percussion and bass, over which singer/guitarist Brandon Beaver weaves his lucid imagery, before swelling into moments of grand, choral splendor. As it continues, the guitar joins in, and the song settles into an easy groove that’s as warm and enveloping as a hug.  Buried Beds’ fortress might be lonely, but listening to them sing about it, it’s impossible to feel alone.

In Spirit is this week’s pick for Unlocked—our showcase of new and significant releases from Philadelphia area artists. Tune in all week long as we explore the record, and offer downloads, videos, and more. Below, scoop up an mp3 of “Oh Lonely Fortress,” and check back for a full record review tomorrow.

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