There’s a lot to chew on in this new music video for Balance and Composure‘s “Reflection.” An opening sequence showing an immersion baptism on some verdant riverbed. It’s slowed town to such a crawl, and the baptisee’s head pushed underwater with such force, it might to some feel downright suffocating. Add into the mix some imagery of shattered mirrors, sheet-cloaked specters, characters climbing perilously on freight railway bridges and walking between the empty pews of smoke-filled churches, and this is chock full of themes of superstition and myth, life and death, faith versus the unknown. Plus also footage of the Doylestown alt-punk crew rocking out and looking cool sitting on the hood of their tour van parked along a wooded road. Check out the video for “Reflection” below; watch members of Balance perform it acoustic style in XPN studios for their upcoming Key Session after the jump; and get tickets and information on their October 12th Union Transfer show with Title Fight here.

Balance and Composure “Reflection” – WXPN Key Studio Session from WXPN FM on Vimeo.