City Bisco 2012 | Photo by Dave Vann

The Disco Biscuits return home to Philly for their two day City Bisco festival at the Mann Center. The experimental electronic jam band will headline both nights, and will be joined by Big Boi, Method Man, and Redman. The festival also will showcase many other electronic-based artists – some veterans of the scene, and others quite promising newcomers. Below are four acts definitely worth checking out at City Bisco.

Emancipator is Doug Appling, an electronic producer that has been making chill, downtempo tunes since 2006. He released his latest album Dusk to Dawn this past January and is debuting the 4-piece Emancipator Ensemble in November. Emancipator’s trip-hop vibes are in a similar vein as Bonobo or Philly producer Ill Clinton – experimental and heavy on the instrumentals. He will be playing City Bisco on Saturday – be sure to check out his set. Meanwhile, take a listen to the layered and emotional “Minor Cause” from Dusk to Dawn below.

Although relatively new to the EDM scene, Kill Paris is steadily gaining attention with his unique sounds. With energetic and very danceable beats, Kill Paris still manages to diverge from the newly-but-already-beaten path of mainstream EDM; his tracks incorporate funk, and an old-school futuristic vibe. He’s worked with Dillon Francis, remixed Rudimental and Kill the Noise, and is currently signed to Skrillex’s OWSLA label. Kill Paris released his catchy EP To a New Earth last February – check out the groovy, bass-heavy “Catch You.” Kill Paris plays City Bisco on Friday.

Although it’s become possible for nearly anyone with a computer and some illegally-downloaded software to remix songs and become a “DJ,” Gigamesh really does have a talent for it – one glance at his SoundCloud and you’ll see. The Minneapolis-based DJ/producer has remixed everyone from Fleetwood Mac to Two Door Cinema Club, and done it well.His original music is very dance-y, disco-influenced and is full of bounce; Gigamesh released the groovy Enjoy EP in February. He hits the City Bisco stage on Saturday – meanwhile, check out his awesome remix of “Once in a Lifetime” by the Talking Heads.

Shpongle is a part electronic duo, part jam band consisting of Simon Posford and Raja Ram. They’ve been performing since the mid-90s, and have a solid cult following much like the Disco Biscuits themselves. Simon Posford (who goes by Hallucinogen on stage) will be performing a Shpongle DJ set at City Bisco on Saturday night, which should encompass much of the worldly-experimental Shpongle vibe but might also allow room for more psychedelic trance tunes from Posford’s solo discography. Shpongle released their latest album Museum of Consciousness on July 29th. Both Shpongle and Posford are known for the colorful, trippy light shows and performances that accompany their live shows, so this set outdoors at the Mann is a must-see. Below, listen to the new, culturally eastern-influenced Shpongle track “Brain in a Fishtank.”