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Superchunk | Photo by Matthew Shaver |

It has to be difficult, on a cultural level, to be Superchunk. To release a new album and play live shows 23+ years in to their career. The kids will say “Oh! This sounds like so and so” without ever realizing that ‘so and so’ sound like Superchunk. But Superchunk are better than I am, as people. They are above the music snobbery that I try to pretend I am not a part of, but instinctively propagate on a regular basis.

They are better than you or I, as music snobs, because they don’t talk about who Superchunk influenced or who listened to is first, they simply are Superchunk. And they kicked ass at Union Transfer on Tuesday night. And all of the people around me that had been talking about who they had seen at what venue focused on the stage and let loose as soon as the band did. It was a sight to see, the stage pushed forward as far as it would (presumably) go, and the small, but loyal, crowd pushed forward to greet them with open arms.

Playing a career spanning set of songs, the only noticeable hiccup in the evening was the obvious absence of Laura Ballance. While loosely addressed by the band themselves, there are apparent health issues involved that kept her from performing. A sad void, but understandable, and once the music was flowing through the crowds veins and the piercing, yet still melodic, vocals of Mac washed over everyone, all was right with rock ‘n roll.

This Summer
Me & You & Jackie Mittoo
For Tension
Detroit Has A Skyline
Punch Me Harder
Staying Home
Out Of The Sun
Watery Hands
Breaking Down
Rope Light
Driveway To Driveway
Digging For Something
Slack Motherfucker
Trees Of Barcelona
Proof (Ruin)
Children In Heat
Skip Steps 1 & 3
Throwing Things
Hyper Enough

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