Collage of Nirvana at Dobbs, 10/1/91 |

Here’s a little slice of local rock lore: 22 years ago today, Nirvana headlined J.C. Dobbs’ for the second time, on tour in support of their newly-released Nevermind album. You can hear the entire set via YouTube below; according to the venue calendar you see pop up in the slideshow, the guys were performing (with The Melvins as an opening act) right after Scrawl headlined the venue and just before Yo La Tengo was set to play. Other events on the calendar, which may ring some bells with local music heads, include The Low Road, Dandelion, and the Mikey Wild Dance Party.

Additional tidbits and lore, per YouTube:

-The band requested extra monitors for the show because Kurt was sick with stomach pains, according to the venue’s publicist.
-The crowd was unhappy with the band’s choice not to play an encore, so they provoked the band with shouts of “sellouts!”

Listen to the set below, and check out the setlist after the jump. Previously: Happy 46th Birthday, Kurt Cobain! Watch Nirvana’s first Philly show at J.C. Dobbs in 1989.

Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam
Drain You
Floyd The Barber
Smells Like Teen Spirit
About A Girl
Come As You Are
Been A Son