It’s been about a year and a half since poppy Philly alt-rock outfit East Hundred played its farewell show at Johnny Brenda’s, but its various members have kept busy with film scores (guitarist Brook Blair) or other projects (drummer Will Blair now plays in Joey Sweeney’s Long Hair Arkestra). This week, we got our first taste of the solo work from the band’s dynamic frontwoman, Beril Guceri.

“Wolves” was posted to her Soundcloud page yesterday, and Guceri stresses that its a demo, a work in progress from a planned larger project, and so forth. Thing is though, in this version, released at this time of year, it totally works. Guceri’s double-tracked voice harmonizes in whispers amid lofty hall reverb tones, while a melancholic electric guitar is strummed gently, sadly – it’s autumnal and aching, it’s got lyrics about change and solitude. It sounds like Mazzy Star in the best possible way. It’ll warm your heart to hear her voice again. Take “Wolves” for a walk below.