Scot Sax releases "Ridiculous Songs," the most recent offspring of Project Playback - WXPN | Vinyl At Heart

Local singer-songwriter Scot Sax has released the most recent musical result of Project Playback, the pioneering segment of XPN’s Musicians on Call program that works with local community organizations to provide songwriting workshops. The track, deceivingly titled “Ridiculous Songs,” is a beautiful acoustic number expressing the difficulties of life and therapeutic affect of songwriting. The chorus rings “I get so tired, I get so tired, but these ridiculous songs seem to help”.

The track “Ridiculous Songs” is just one more great example of the work being done through Project Playback, and how encouraging musicianship and self-expression can positively affect local communities. And it’s an appropriate message, as Sax has been traveling to local community groups such as the Veterans Community Living Center encouraging group participation in songwriting and musicianship. His pivotal leadership during Project Playback has helped many individuals break out of their shells and embrace the power of songwriting.

As Sax explained, “It all starts with a little insecurity. If they don’t play instruments well they think they can’t be good a good songwriter. [But] from one of the most frightened faces in the group came one of my favorite parts of the visit- a simple voice, a simple message, and everybody was moved”. List to Sax discuss his experience writing song with the Project Playback program below.

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