“My first and foremost thing when I was young and digging was, I was just looking for a record that I’d never seen before,” Philadelphia based DJ RJD2 says in this week’s episode of Crate Diggers. “I do believe that if you do this long enough, you just get a sense of intuition…you know when a record intrigues you and you know when it doesn’t.”

After last week’s release of More Is Than Isn’t, RJD2 lets Fuse TV dig into more than just his personal vinyl library. In 17 and a half minutes, get to know how collecting records has impacted the DJ / producer / musician’s life, both in and out of his career. Also this week, RJD2 announced his first performance in support of the new album; he’ll be at Union Transfer February 21st, tickets and details here. Check out the Crate Diggers episode below.