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Birdie Busch and The Greatest Night | Photo by Rachel Barrish | raddrhapsodies.comWith the recent darkening days and the first frost of the fall, the passing of time and the passing of seasons is on the brain. This this week’s release of “Sumertimeless” – a nine-minute new song by Birdie Busch and the Greatest Night – undeniably apt. Busch began working on it in the summer, which she describes as a mix of carefree fun and cooped-up restlessness, the life of somebody who works service industry jobs while everybody they see is out and about on leisure time. “There is a simultaneous freeness and tenseness here, migrations both inward and outward into the heart of the beast,” Busch writes. As “Summertimeless” builds, it lapses into a stirring ambient section heavily informed by the improvisatory instrumental work Busch has been doing with guitaral Cheeseman. Ultimately, it’s a meditation on the passing of seasons and time that is both musical lyrical:

It’s about smells that are smellier, bike rides that are sweatier, and time that seems heavier. Childhood nostalgia can reign supreme. Were the cicadas louder then or was I just smaller, or was my hearing better and less ringing? Can I ever recapture that feeling of pure electricity of swimming with boys I liked in public pools as a teenager? How can I return to that feeling that comes in pretended sleep when you feel your parent picking you up and carrying you into the house after a long drive back from the lake? There is so much to remember. But also so much to do and so much we are moving away from or towards.

The summer sun was a burning force. Alot of light also means a lot of dust. All becomes the color of rust about this time but not before exploding into fire and then rolling closer towards the winter. What are you leaving? What have you decided? Where have you arrived? Where are you going? As also, can I come with you? I have a song we can put on the mix for that trip 🙂

Enjoy this epic song, it’s our longest yet, with a built in seasonal sonic shift ending that perhaps you should lie down for?

Listen to “Summertimeless” below: get a download of it at Bandcamp.

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