FIDLAR at First Unitarian Church I All photos by James Breslin

Los Angeles skate punk band FIDLAR stopped by First Unitarian Church with flower punk kids The Orwells this past Friday night, in what was equal parts a show and a party. The Orwells opened the show with good vibes and simples grooves that got the crowd moving very quickly. The bass and drums were the driving force in this young band’s energetic set. The party got started with The Orwells, but it blew up once FIDLAR took the stage. As they opened with their party anthem “Cheap Beer,” the crowd went into a fit of yelling, moshing, and crowd surfing. The band went wild on stage, jerking around at any moment that they weren’t singing or yelling at the microphone. Vocalist and guitarist, Zac Carper, went especially bonkers as he laid on the ground and jumped into the crowd at one point. They played even faster than they do on record, and the crowd responded spectacularly. FIDLAR brought their garage rock full force during the entire set, and sounded really good especially considering the venue. Check out photos from the show below.