When Dangerous Ponies announced their breakup on last May, we were saddened to hear that after four years together various members were moving on to new projects. During their time together, the punk rockers released several records and played numerous shows in which their sense of musical adventure was constantly evolving. Recently, Chrissy Tashjian – guitarist and vocalist from Dangerous Ponies – announced a new musical project, Thin Lips. The power punk trio included Tashjian, ex-Ponies guitarist Kyle Pulley, and Pat Brier, formely of the Scranton band Tigers Jaw. There’s some noisy, yet melodically engaging punk rock playing happening on two new songs from Thin Lips, and it’s good to welcome them back into the active Philly music making community. You can download “Gemini Moon,” and “Non-Monogamy Nightmare” for a “name your price” below