Philly electropop outfit Night Panther released its self-titled album for a hot minute on Bandcamp earlier this year, but have since taken it down in order to give the record it a more commercial push over in the world of the iTunes Store. From the release, a free download of “Queen Bitch” emerged this week. As I said over the summer, it’s not a cover of the Bowie song, but probably not an accidental title either. This is Night Panther’s power ballad, all dramatic and paino-driven and Freddy Mercury-fied. Most notably, it’s sad. Like achingly sad. For whatever the band likes to disguise itself as “sex-pop” or what have you, this is a song about eternal rejection: “She won’t ever call my baby,” singer Farzad Houshiarnejad wails. “And I know just what she’ll say.” Grab a download of “Queen Bitch” below, and get an mp3 of the previously-released album track “Pleasure To Meet You” after the jump. Night Panther plays Boot and Saddle with Grandchildren on December 28th; get tickets and more information on the show at the XPN Concert Calendar.