Brooklyn-based musician Zachary Cale released his album Blue Rider last year, delivering a wonderful mix of indie rock spirit, atmospheric moodiness, bluesy riffs, and enough twang to get you goin’.

On tonight’s episode of Folkadelphia, we’ll spotlight Cale as he brings his full band into the studio to perform for us. His album, in particular the songs “Hold Fast” and “Wayward Son,” quickly became one of my personal favorites of the year and one I continually revisit. In addition to being a musician, Cale is record label proprietor with the artist-run All Hands Electric.

Watch a solo performance of “Unfeeling” here:

During the radio show, we’ll also hear versions of the classic American song “No Depression (In Heaven),” which was first recorded in 1936 by the Carter Family (and possibly dubiously credited to A.P. Carter). The song, which has been covered countless times through the years, became a touchstone in 1990 for the (then) fledgling band Uncle Tupelo, whose members included Jeff Tweedy, now of Wilco, and Jay Farrar, now of Son Volt. Uncle Tupelo recorded a rendition for their debut No Depression, which will be reissued in remastered and expanded edition this year. This was a pivotal album in ushering in the “alt-country” genre.

Hear the Carter Family here:

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