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There was always an evident closeness in the sound of West Chester folk trio Mason Porter. And maybe that closeness exists because of the very fact that are a trio. Three skilled acoustic players writing together, harmonizing, and for whatever their music may get embellished in the recording studio or on the stage with auxiliary players, it all comes back to Tim Ceflo, Joe D’Amico and Paul Wilkinson at the core.

This week the band is releasing its latest LP Home for the Harvest, and celebrating with a show at Ardmore Music Hall on Saturday night. The new LP is especially close-knit – while we hear other instruments and other voices here and there, this sounds impressively close to the way the band sounded when they recorded a round-the-mic Key Session a year ago. That’s a testament to how good they are as performers, for sure, but it’s also a testament to their ability to write music that captures that intimacy.

This week we’re exploring the new album on Unlocked, The Key’s regular series spotlight new and significant releases from Philly area artists. Tomorrow, we’ll have a record review; later in the week, a video and interview. Today, a download of “Let Me In,” a song they premiered with us at that Key Session. In harmonized thoughts like “All the songs the angels sing wouldn’t be worth a thing without you,” we hear Mason Porter delving into the importance of companionship – of family members, of friends and certainly of one another. Listen and download the single below, and check back for more on Home for the Harvest on Unlocked.

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