Andrea Tomasi singing and Johanna Warren on flute

It just so happens that one of the best concerts I went to in 2013 was one that I put together. During the evening, two Northeastern-based songsmiths performed and blew the audience and me away. We were entranced. These musicians were Johanna Warren and Andrea Tomasi, two up-and-coming singer-songwriters who released jaw-dropping gorgeous debut solo albums last year.

On this episode of Folkadelphia, we’ll premiere a segment from their album-sized session that they recorded when they were last in Philadelphia. This Saturday, February 1st, they both return to the Random Tea Room for another Folkadelphia Presents concert.

Watch an Orchard Session featuring Johanna Warren and Andrea Tomasi (with Talia Billig):

Abi Reimold, a promising Philadelphia-based musician and photographer (and occasional contributor for The Key), will also be featured during our radio show. She joins Warren and Tomasi for our 2/1 concert, guaranteeing a night of supreme beauty and skillful songwriting.

You can find all of the information about that concert and more on the artists here.

Listen to “Swift” from her ‘Wish It Stopped’ split release with Infinity Crush:

Finally, interspersed throughout the show, we will be playing a few tunes performed by the great Pete Seeger, who passed on this Monday at the age of 94. Though we could not hope to do justice in an hour to talk about Pete and discuss his immense influence, we will celebrate the man in our own small, quiet way.

Watch Pete Seeger’s Rainbow Quest featuring John and June Carter Cash

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