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Photo via No Idea Records

Last month Creepoid premiered the first single, “Sunday,” from its upcoming self-titled album on No Idea Records. Here’s the video for it, and it’s quite laid back for what we’ve seen from the band in the past.

Despite the album being their first since 2011, it’s not the first time we’re from them since then. The video for “Golden String” by BitBY was released in 2012. And remember when Shaking Through did a video featuring Creepoid in the wake of 2011’s Horse Heaven? Yeah, well, the song in that video, “Old Tree,” is on the upcoming self-titled album. The tracks have obviously been lingering a little bit.

But the video for “Sunday” doesn’t evoke that time of laziness late in a weekend. It’s simply slow-motion shots paired with a song that’s pushing deep into the couch. It’s the length of every note played in this song that makes it match this simple video. Whether it’s the long lead guitar notes, the breath-y singing or the tambourine that slaps back in the speakers, it’s not too much. Perhaps that’s what works for both the video and the song.

Creepoid is the featured album in this week’s edition of Unlocked. Download the song “Baptism” in Monday’s post, read Tuesday’s album review and check back tomorrow and Friday for an interview and more.

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