Auctioneer | photo by John Vettese

Motley art rock crew Auctioneer – the brain child of Philly’s Craig Hendrix – has a new track available for free via Bandcamp titled “Hard to Believe it,” and it showcases a different side to the Philly multi-instrumentalist.

The band is known for its eclectic range of genres, recalling Talking Heads with more of a brass influence, but this track ventures into pop. The deep sincerity of Hendrix’s vocals remains, but the melody has a feels not unlike a Kings of Leon track, a simple structure that remains ever-engaging. Lyrically Auctioneer is always pretty profound, and “Hard to Believe it” flows and reconciles within the mind without trying too hard.

Hendrix’s collaborators on this recording are Todd Erk on bass (Hoots & Hellmouth), the illustrious Jesse Moore on piano and organ and Tommy Bendel on percussion. You can steam and download the track below for free. Catch Auctioneer with Fenster and Hello Shark this Wednesday, March 5 at Johnny Brenda’s. Get tickets for the show here.