That Dream Was Our Life | photo courtesy of the artist

Local musician James Cuartero has released a new EP called What It’s Like When You Are Desperate for a New Life.  Recording as That Dream Was Our Life, Cuartero is in the midst of a year-long project that will see him release a new EP each month.

Treating his songs as a sort of anthology for specific places and events that he encounters while living in South Philly, this third effort from Cuartero includes songs “about Laurel Hill Cemetery, car troubles, the rainbow birds at 10th & Federal and hoping that someday you’ll find what you’re looking for” (past tracks have covered nights spent in parks, the market at 6th and Washington and Britney Spears).  With subtle but sparkling piano and emotive acoustic guitars, the songs on What It’s Like… could soundtrack a a perfect, quiet Sunday afternoon at home.  Take a listen below and download the EP here.