Most of the time, you find the music before you find out anything else. Usually first contact in the musician-listener relationship takes the shape of waveform to eardrum via speakers or a headphone-like device. If our interest is piqued, we look up the name, we try and learn more about the band, we ask who are they, if they on tour, and what does the rest of their music sound like. The next stage in our musician-listener relationship usually involves concert attendance. To enjoy a new discovery in their live element is to strengthen your bond to the music. The next level in the relationship involves seeking out and finding likeminded fans of the band. This is where you express your passion for the band and, every once in a while, build a lasting community where music is the cornerstone. Who knows – you might turn someone on to the band and the cycle begins again

It doesn’t always work this way. Sometimes you find the fanbase first before you hear a single song from a band. Admittedly, that’s how we discovered Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors. We kept running into people that would strongly recommend and lavishly praise the band. They were beyond passionate (and a little pushy admittedly – a good sign from a fanbase). Why would we ignore wold-of-mouth recommendations? We live for those special moments – to be let in on the (maybe) secret awesomeness of a group. We’re sure glad that these kind folks clued us in. We’re here to pay it forward to those of you who might not know about Holcomb and co. Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors write and perform some of the most refreshingly honest, down-to-earth, and catchy pop & rootsy Americana music, especially on their most recent album Good Light. I think you’ll soon agree and join the neighborhood of fans.

Drew Holcomb, Ellie Holcomb, Nathan Dugger, as well as baby Emmylou Holcomb trick-or-treated at our studio door on Halloween of last year. Clad in Star Wars costume, they stopped by with their instruments for a lovely stripped down set. A gift from them to us and now to you, dear reader.