OhBree | Photo by Jake Beadenkopf

Behind their facepaint and bright attire, Philly seven-piece OhBree are a crew of snappy pop songwriters. The band is about to release its second LP, Death By Broomstick, and today we’re bringing you the premiere of its song “Sweater.” It’s got a bouncy beat, a bright horn section and a slick doo-wop feel that gives way to a gruff, punk-edged refrain – “Nothing makes you better than a sweater on a cold and rainy day.”

You can hear a very evident Man Man influence in OhBree’s unconventional, everything-and-the-kitchen-sink approach to arrangement, but this band also exhibits a fun and carefree retro-rock side that Philly’s leading avant-pop crew only began to hint at with last year’s single “Head On.” Get a download of “Sweater” below, and check out the track listing and album art after the jump. The album is out April 15th on Lillian Records.

OhBree headlines Kung Fu Necktie tomorrow night, Saturday March 29th; tickets are available at the door, and more information can be found here.

Head Heavy
Angry Grant
Fire In The Sky
Death By Broomstick
Calloused Mind
Crass Iron
One More Before Bed