Kite Party | courtesy of the artist


Nah, you’re not dreaming. Kite Party really did release their latest single yesterday. The five-piece indie rock band’s second full-length album, Come on Wandering, comes out on May 6 via Animal Style Records. But until then, they’ve been giving fans some long-awaited previews. First up was ambiance-induced single “Halflife,” and now it’s “Summery Dream.”

The latter single has less of that in-your-face, twinkly but somehow gritty feel Kite Party manages to show through “Arizona” and “Spirit Gum” off of their first album, Baseball Season, but instead is rather spacey. And the new song is true to its name. Slower-paced than what Kite Party fans are used to, it does have that hazy, nearly hypnotic “summer” feel to it. And through its filtered sound, the band still keeps their signature melodies and harmonies. Think Youth Lagoon meets Real Estate. Prediction: this’ll be a “windows-down required” kind of album.