Goodnight Lights

It’s like the crash after a long night of throwing back Lagers and oily pepperoni pizza and wondering where the rest of your friends are. In their new music video for the single “Convinced,” we see Philly modern rock crew Goodnight Lights throw a party for drummer Michael Ziegler…who, alas, doesn’t show up. Slices are consumed, awkward dances are danced, Jameson is pounded and the band, drummerless, passes out on a suburban couch. Is this a metaphor for band-life, or a jab at Ziegler for running late? We hope it’s not the latter, since Goodnight Lights has two pretty sweet shows on their concert agenda: this Friday, April 18th at The Fire with Monday Appreciation Society, and Saturday May 31st at Johnny Brenda’s with Rexedog and Joy Riding. More information on both at the XPN Concert Calendar.