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A Tigers Jaw fan is a special kind of person. There’s hardly an in between – you’re either a hardcore devotee, or you’re not a fan at all. So word got around last spring that the Scranton-based might be breaking up, it was devastating to some. The iconic punk image of the slice of pizza on their self-titled record flooded the Internet and Tumblr accounts everywhere, but luckily, the “break up” was a bit of an exaggeration.

Three of the band’s founding members were leaving – the band’s announcement of this, which noted that its U.S. tour would be the “last for the forseeable future” was misconstrued – but the core songwriting duo of Ben Walsh and Brianna Collins remained persevered, and is gearing up to release its fourth LP, Charmers.

Their newest share, “Slow Come On,” is a moody, head-bopping tune heavy on the drums and punctuated by Walsh’s echoey voice. It’s certainly different from the Tigers Jaw we’re used to, but unmistakably Tigers Jaw all the same.

Next month, they’ll play Union Transfer on June 16th; tickets and information on the show can be found here. Charmers is out June 3rd on Run For Cover Records. Preorder the album here and listen to “Slow Come On” below.