As legend has it – or week-old legend at any rate – when Sam Steinig of The GTVs was struggling to load his vintage, 210-pound Hammond organ and corresponding Leslie amplifier into the WXPN studio, he passed by World Cafe host David Dye in the hallway. As Steinig tells it, Dye “took one look at the beast, shook his head and said ‘That’s what you get for being authentic.'” The band’s sound is as retro as their gear and their sartorial choices (which you can see on display in the photos above and video below) – a GTVs song will begin with punchy garage rock instrumental base and mix in delightful mod hooks with nods to surf and soul. Their album Sh’Bang was released today on Teen Sound Records, and two of the songs in this week’s session come from it – “Sleeper Agent” and “Cry If You Want To” – while the others are brand new and getting their first release here. Look for “Organ Donor” to become their next anthem, and make your plans to catch The GTVs live at their album release party July 12th at Ardmore Music Hall with St. James and the Apostles and Weird Hot. Tickets and information at the XPN Concert Calendar.