Ladybird | photo via

Local blog Root Down in the Shadow continues its Cover Club series, this week with bluegrass trio Ladybird.  This installment was filmed at the monthly “Church of Kong” showcase at Nodding Head Brewery and features a video of the group covering “Just Get Through” by Jersey Corn Pickers.  Filming on location was a bit of a change for the series’ producers who usually invite bands into a studio, but Dan McGurk says the setting worked to Ladybird’s advantage:

Doing a Cover Club recording at a live event such as Church of Kong, doesn’t allow all the safeguards that an in studio session would allow, but with three talented ladies like those of Ladybird it’s amazing how smooth the recording went.  Re-listening to the set later, there wasn’t a pang for an edit or re-take.  Ladybird is natural when performing and capturing the live event was probably the best way to do their session.

Take a look at the video below, filmed by Michael Southerton and Paul Lorenz and edited by Bob Sweeney.  Ladybird will perform at Boot & Saddle tomorrow, May 30th.  Tickets and information can be found here.