Photo by Jason Bleecher

Slackwater News’ sound isn’t exactly indie rock, but it isn’t exactly folk either — it’s a kind of a hazy and catchy in between zone. The Lancaster-based band has released two new singles, “Note By Note” and “Roman Holiday,” both leaning in different directions.

“Note By Note” has a more catchy, folksy sound to it, but right around the two-minute mark it changes to indie rock with an electric guitar solo pushing the music forward before returning to its folk roots. “Roman Holiday,” on the other hand, resembles a Queen ballad — taking a rockier approach with only hints of folk to it. The two singles, which are released as Side A and Side B tracks, are an interesting pair of fraternal twins that really only share authorship, showing the range that Slackwater News is able to achieve with its musical talent.

The single (which you can preorder here) is a prelude to the band’s new full LP, Dutch Gold, that is set to be released later this year. Listen to the new singles below and catch Slackwater News at one of their upcoming live shows: at MilkBoy in Philly on Thursday, June 19, or the album release show at Tellus360 in Lancaster on June 28th.