Work Drugs | Photo by Kate Bracaglia

Work Drugs have taken an athemic overly sweet and sentimental pop song by Tegan and Sara, “I Was A Fool,” and have given it the “John Hughes” remix touch.

we reworked the tegan and sara track – i was a fool, we were trying to make it a song out of a john hughes movie from around 1985-87.

Truth be told, either version of the song would have been a perfect addition to the soundtracks to Hughes’ films like Pretty In Pink, The Breakfast Club or Sixteen Candles. Work Drugs retro fit the remix with their stylish synths and drum machines to nicely capture the essence of what was the best – and worst – moments of the Eighties.

Below, download Work Drugs’ remix of “I Was A Fool,” watch the accompanying video made up of clips from classic John Hughes’ movies, and listen to the original song by Tegan and Sara. Work Drugs have entered the song into a remix competition at Indaba Music. if you’re so inclined, vote for the song here.