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Local indie rockers The Ambulars have recently started touring and performing songs that will be on their newest full-length. The band consists of Jen Twigg, Michael Cantor and Barrett Lindgren. In 2012, the band released its LP Dreamers, Asleep at the Wheel; soon afterwards, the band did a Pink Couch Session. Earlier in May, Jen Twigg contributed to a great, funny article on Impose Magazine about surviving as the only girl in a band.  

The vocals alternates between male and female as well as duos which makes it an interesting listening experience. The restless, energetic music tackles universal subjects of heartbreak, growing up and love. Though the lyrics certainly have dark overtones, the sweet, catchy melodies somewhat alleviate the tone. Overall, The Ambulars convey a sense of urgency and passion.

Tonight, The Ambulars will be playing Boot and Saddle with Vancouver pop band The Courtneys and Philadelphia pop-punk group Mike Bell and the Movies. Listen to “Asleep at the Wheel” from Dreamers, Asleep at the Wheel below. Get more info about the show here.