Already on vaca?  Sitting at your desk checked out?  If all you can think about are your Fourth plans, don’t forget to include the perfect soundtrack for your BBQ, picnic, etc.  We’ve compiled a few tunes to help you get the party started, that represent the city of Philadelphia and of course the good ‘ole US of A.

Hall & Oates – Rich Girl

Ok, ok.  You’re probably thinking: Rich Girl?  How overdone and unoriginal.  The reality is, Rich Girl will guaranteed get people hype.  A) Everyone knows the words (At least the hook?) B) It’s classic Hall & Oates, which no one can or should really argue with.

Wake Up Everybody – The Roots, John Legend, Common, Melanie Fiona

Wake Up Everybody is an all around feel-good song.  It’s about humans coming together to change the world, which pretty much sounds like the American dream.  It features The Roots and John Legend, two Philly soul and R&B favorites.   Definitely a chill song that will have your guests tapping their feet while they chow down.

Rock & Roll – Dr. Dog

Rock & Roll is a song about someone hearing rock & roll for the first time and feeling completely blown away by its awesomeness.  To me, it’s very indicative of warm weather and freedom.  It’s a fun *surprise* rock & roll song that should be played outside.

Cold Beverage – G. Love and Special Sauce

This is probably the ultimate summer song.   The song doesn’t discriminate against what type of beverage you should have, any will do; A Sprite, a lemonade, or even a martini for those 21 and over.  It’s reggae, rap, blues, all rolled into one awesome jam.

Born in the U.S.A. – Bruce Springsteen 

Like, “Rich Girl”, you might be saying, really?  But if you’re really trying to put people in the holiday spirit, it’s a no brainer to play Bruce’s most famous song.  You should probably put this toward the end of your playlist when people are feeling ready to get up and dance.  This song is always a good 4th of July choice.

We hope everyone enjoys their Fourth celebrations!