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Philly rapper Tiani Victoria returned with a new video for “Smoke On the Scene”. Victoria recently did a great Key Studio Session, where she performed among others, “Marinate.” Earlier this year, Victoria released a video for “Million Dollar Flow”, where Victoria rapped her witty lines in studio. She also sat down for a candid interview with Ru-Crazy and did a killer freestyle on DTF radio.

Tiani’s new video “Smoke on the Scene” has the same gritty atmosphere as “Million Dollar Flow”. The short video, produced by Gifted Talent, shows Tiani shopping with a red cart, picking up a killer speakers, headphones and keyboards. However, while “Million Dollar Flow” was all about establishing her place as a musician, “Smoke on the Scene” is about enjoying the position. Musically, Victoria seems more relaxed and sassy. The lyrics flow more confidently and show a true mastery of rap. Her new album Hard Candy is out soon.

Watch “Smoke on the Street” below.