Cheers Elephant | photo by Debbie Zak Cohen

Surf. Sand. Warm weather year-round. Does the West Coast feel like paradise? For Cheers Elephant, the answer is definitely yes. Southern California is now home to the formerly Philly-based band.

Cheers Elephant formed in 2007 and built up quite a name for themselves in the local Philly scene. As the years went on, they started booking more shows and doing larger tours. Earlier this year, the band made the cross-country jump to California.

So why did they leave?  Moving was something they always knew would happen, The band describes themselves as outdoorsy people, so the environment of California was fitting. Signing with a management company based in L.A, and having a few girlfriends locate west, they all agreed it was the right time to move.

Thus far, the band loves the Californian laid back vibes, and they have been keeping busy with writing and planning shows.

Besides weather, there are definitely differences in the way people interact and the music scene. “Philly is more tightly knit. We were good friends with a lot of bands. It was a close-knit community. L.A. is all sprawled out,” said bass player Matt Rothstein. They haven’t really discovered the music scene of Southern California or if there even is one.

The band is currently on an extensive tour, which includes a stop at Union Transfer this Friday. Joining them for the night are local bands Cheerleader and Toy Soldiers.  It also marks Toy Soldiers’ final show.

A big difference for this tour is they have a booking agent. It is the first time they were much more hands-off with the booking the show.

Show goers can expect hear some new songs, including a few inspired by the Californian life.

As of right now, the band plans to stay on the West Coast for several years and does not foresee returning to Philadelphia. “Nothing is for sure but we will definitely be sticking with So Cal for a few years. If we were to move again though chances are slim that we would return to Philly,” said guitarist Jordan del Rosario.

The band said they are grateful for their time in Philadelphia and the support they received. Also, they really miss Paesano’s.

“We hope they [Philadelphia fans] understand that we left Philly to further our careers as professional touring musicians and that we shall keep coming back bigger and better than ever,” said del Rosario.

Tickets and information for Friday’s all-ages show with Toy Soldiers and Cheerleader can be found here.