Photo by John Vettese

The annual Phreak ‘N Queer Arts and Music Festival will be returning July 31st to August 3rd. The festival, now in its fourth year, serves to highlight art, music and culture in the LGBT community.  Events range from visual art to burlesque to poetry and, of course, a variety of concerts. In order to get a sense of the show, you can listen to the killer mixtape  by Homoground here. Below, get more details about some of the local highlights from the opening night.

First, there’s the impressive duo Vita and the Woolf. Vita recently played a stellar solo show this week, to much praise. The group just released their first single, “Mary” and it’s a thrilling, art-pop anthem. Jennifer Pague’s powerful vocals, similar to Florence Welch, are enchanting. Their EP, Fang Song will be out September 20th. Listen to “Mary” below.

Another powerful female artist is Camae Defstar of the hiphop rebels The Mighty Paradocs, performing under her solo project as Moor Mother Goddess. Her dark, spaced out rap certainly has an eerie, ghostly vibe. Last year, she released a spooky video for “Of Blood”. Recently, Defstar released Kongo Cosmogram  EP, with a full album out in September. The album has some of the dark moody atmosphere from “Of Blood” but also has more of an electric presence. Listen to  “The Blk Camae” from Kongo Cosmogram below.

Also playing is The Feverfew, led by Andy Indiana Spiers. The band is known for their honest, poignant lyrics, a trend which continues with their newest release. Spiers recently released a new song, “The Addict,” as a part of Katy Otto’s concept EP The Monsters in My Bed through Exotic Fever. The powerful, haunted track features his vocals alongside pummeling guitar hooks. The group was on hiatus but will be returning to play for this show. Listen and grab a free download of “The Addict” below.

Last but not least, there’s the host, Qhoiyn B Allure. The rapper and fashion icon recently released her newest song “BitchCraft”, as a tribute to the supernatural thriller The Craft. She also released her newest album Pu$$yThrob earlier this year and has been on tour in support of the album. It’s an interesting take on club music, with a side of supernatural thrown in. Listen to “Gotta Get the Doe” below.

The show starts at 7pm at PhilaMOCA. Tickets are $5 and the show is all-ages. Get more info here.