Crazy Moon/ via

Local band Crazy Moon is hoping to make some buzz with its debut single, “The Letter.”

Made up of lead singer/rhythm guitarist Tom McDermott, lead guitarist Stevo Cossentino, bassist Rich Cossentino and drummer/producer Jesse Gimbel, Crazy Moon defines itself as a vintage-inspired rock band, but its single is straight up blues with some serious soul to it.

Recorded in the local studio Jesse Gimbel’s Basement, the band’s instrumentation is clean and on point and keeps the song running smoothly. But what makes Crazy Moon stand out among its fellow rock bands is the McDermott’s vocals. His bluesy voice and vocal range give real emotion to the written lyrics and conveys the heartbreak of “The Letter.” This guy is a seriously talented singer. 

Crazy Moon plans to release its 12-track debut album, Sights on a Sunless Sea, on August 10. Although the album is largely vintage-inspired rock, the band tells us also touches on the sounds of other classic genres like soul, dance rock and some psychedelic.

“‘The Letter’ is a heavier song as far as our [sound] goes, but the album covers a lot of ground with hints of influence from Michael Jackson and Prince to more modern indie rock like The Black Keys, Jack White, and the Alabama Shakes,” Rich Cossentino said.

Check out the music video for “The Letter” below and download the single here.