Jeremy Messersmith | photo by Michelle Montgomery |

Minneapolis singer-songwriter Jeremy Messersmith continued the music on the Marina Stage, performing songs from his recent Heart Murmurs LP.  He played a packed set of heartwarming and heartbreaking tunes that were perfectly matched to the relaxing marina backdrop.

Messersmith opened with the first song many recently adopted fans heard – “Tourniquet,” a song that was featured on NPR’s Heavy Rotation series earlier this year.  Working through Heart Murmurs and 2010’s The Reluctant Graveyard, Messersmith showed a knack for blending pop arrangements with sometimes deceivingly heavy lyrical content.  Heart Murmurs, as he pointed out, is an album of love songs and let them shine with a mix of full band and solo renditions, making sure not to miss instantly catchy single “Ghost” at the end.  Check out the full setlist, along with photos, below.

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Jeremy Messersmith | photo by Michelle Montgomery |


It’s Only Dancin’
Lazy Bones
One Night Stand
A Girl, A Boy, a Graveyard
Dillinger Eyes
Organ Doner