Man Man | Photo by Noah Silvestry |

What better way to wrap up the Marina Stage run at the 2014 XPoNential Music Festival than with Philadelphia’s beloved ever-changing art-rock ensemble Man Man.  From Honus Honus’ rock star entrance, to his “costume changes” that included an iridescent cape and white fur coat, the band that consistently brings us far-out, way fun experimental songs absolutely rocked the crowd to their feet.

The Marina Stage turned into the Isle of Man Man with the crowd wrapping a full 360 degrees around the stage.  And if The Hold Steady brought us Friday night’s unified scene, Man Man was definitely tonight’s – following lightening speed performances of “Top Drawer”, “Loot My Body” and On Oni Pond single “Head On,” the crowd refused to leave, calling out for an encore before eventually dispersing to catch the final act on the River Stage.  And though the kids in this now-infamous video were not too keen on the band’s antics, it seems the weirder Man Man gets on stage the happier fans are.  Tonight’s set featured some matching tie-dye pants and an audience-wide clap-along, and ended with a major synchronized jump.  Check out the photos and setlist and listen to the performance in its entirety here (via the WXPN media player).
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Man Man | Photo by Noah Silvestry |


End Boss
Top Drawer
Loot My Body
Mr. Jung Stuffed
Doo Right
Pink Wonton
Head On
Born Tight