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Local experimental jazz composer Joshua Stamper is releasing a remix of his newest album, the skin, the sea, the sound entitled a righter rain will fall. Here’s the catch: he’s releasing it in pieces, one song a week. The project kicked off last week when he released a righter rain will fall, an incredible remix by Troy Herion that compressed the full length of the album into just 4:53. The album also features remixes by Chris Ward from Pattern Is Movement, Anthony LaMarca (who has played with St. Vincent and The War On Drugs) and Philadelphia expat Matt Davis.

This week, Stamper released Philly MC Lushlife‘s remix of “O Glowing Hunter, O Lover of Beasts”. Two years ago, Lushlife released his 2012 debut album, Plateau Vision, and last year, he released another great single, “Tonybee Suite” via Weathervane’s Shaking Through Series. The song was the first collaboration between Stamper and Lushlife; Stamper was brought in to write and conduct the orchestral arrangements. This year, Lushlife released a recording from his show in Bratislava, Slovakia.

The original “O Glowing Hunter, O Lover of Beasts”, the first track off of the skin, the sea, the sound is a whimsical, wandering track. It brings to mind images off a far off Middle Earth, of nature and its many beasts. The remix starts off just as slowly and maintains initial opening sequence. However, Lushlife quickly turns the song into an dance-able, electro tune by tightening up the harmony and adding in a killer beat.

Listen to the remix here (or below).