Team Folkadelphia is very excited and proud to present our session with The Whiskey Gentry, recorded live back in March while the Georgians were in town. They’re a little bit country and a little bit rock-and-roll. They’re also a huge helping of bluegrass, a side dish of rustic folk, and just a smidgen of punk rock abandon.

A great description of the band comes from Paste Magazine when they said that the band “[marries] old country and new grit, and [carries] you along into the Appalachians with the pull of a landslide.” Pull us on down, oh Whiskey Gentry! Drag us into your fray of electric and pedal steel guitars, soaring fiddles, and thumping rhythm section. Let Lauren Staley and her majestic singing summon us to attention and charge forthright! This is not music to sit down to, this is music to do actions to – to dance, to jump, to drink, to get down, to get up, to rock the hell out. We could all use some Whiskey Gentry coursing through our veins.