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Local experimental jazz composer Joshua Stamper recently announced his newest project, a righter rain will fall, a remix of 2014’s the skin, the sea and the sound. Last week, Stamper released Lushlife’s remix of “O Glowing Hunter, O Lover of Beasts”.

This week, the noted composer released another remix, this time of “etching sticks click ice brick thick”. The original song, the second off of the album, is an expansive song with its hazy jazz trumpets, piano interludes and soft vocals, evoking a circus-like, vintage type feel. The remix by Brooklyn’s electropop trio Papertwin, is also vintage but in a different sense. While the original song felt 1940s, the remix jumps forward forty years into the 80s. Like Lushlife’s remix, the vocals are kept to a minimum and the focus centers on a synth rendition of the song.

Check it out below.