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Local R&B-soul singer songwriter Cookie Rabinowitz recently released a video for “Every St.” The song is off of his newest album, Four Eyed Soul. The album title refers to the “blue eyed soul” genre which has deep roots in Philly, where artists like Hall and Oates who brought the genre to commercial success.

Originally an alternative singer songwriter, Cookie quickly embraced a more soulful direction when he started collaborating with local MC Schoolly D and guitarist Erik Horvitz. Together, the three of them launched the brief but worthy Cookie Rabinowitz Show, which led to his first EP. In his interview with JUMP magazine, Rabinowitz expressed some confusion about his success as a soul singer, since he sees himself as more of an alternative artist.

However, Four Eyed Soul pushes into the pop-soul genre with its collection of uplifting melodies and positive lyrics.Cookie explained that ” I want to feel like I’m supporting you. I want to support your day, making you feel a little better.” His song, “Every St.” is a perfect example of this attitude; with its compassionate tone and warm melody, it does feel like Cookie is comforting you. The video is like a lyric video, only the words are are hand-drawn out by Rabinowitz’s roommate Shannon. As a nice touch, Rabinowitz has his friend Lynnette do a cool sign language rendition of the song in the corner of the video.

Catch Cookie Rabinowtiz and his band this week at The third Annual Liberty Music Festival. Watch the video below.

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